Job Posting

Leverage all SEEK ad types and granular location to optimise reach, relevance and performance.

Access variable pricing and accurate contract status

Hirers gain visibility of their contract status and prices for SEEK’s full ad product suite, supporting their transition to a SEEK variable pricing contract.
Ad products

Access SEEK’s full ad product suite

Hirers can purchase Classic, StandOut or Premium ads within your software, enabling more flexible options to fulfill their sourcing outcomes.

Make better sourcing decisions with recommendations

Hirers receive data-driven insights to optimise the performance of their job ad, with recommendations on the relevant category and location to use.
Screening questions

Post with ATS screening questions

Hirers can incorporate specific ATS screening questions when posting to SEEK, enabling the capture of all candidate data and seamless delivery of candidate responses to your ATS.
Granular location

Hirers can specify a suburb within the job ad, enabling the matching of the most relevant candidates and delivering 24% uplift in applications.

Ready to get started?

Job Posting can be integrated into your recruitment software.